Low Density Polyethylene

Low Density Polyethylene | Asel Petrochemical

Film Type
Greenhouse cover, shrink film, bag, lamination etc. manufacturing.

Injection type
Home and kitchenware, toys, concentrated paint.

Low density polyethylene is used especially in agricultural field. It has started to be produced in Turkey since 1970. Due to their durability, cheapness, resistance to chemical substances and external factors, high insulation and easy processibility, low density polyethylene products are used instead of traditional materials such as glass, paper, cardboard, leather, tin, wool, cotton, linen, flax.

Low density polyethylene films have been widely used in the greenhouses and in the grain preservation with the increasing importance of early vegetable crops, the increase of cereal production parallel to the development of irrigation and fertilizer in agriculture. On the other hand, because of its durability, transparency and non-toxicity properties, thin low density polyethylene films are used in the packaging of foodstuffs and textile materials, especially in export products. It has a wide range of consumption as communication, energy distribution and cable in industry.