PVC – Polyvinylchloride

PVC – Polyvinylchloride | Asel Petrochemical

Polyvinylchloride (commonly abbreviated as PVC) is a plastic with a wide range of uses. It is one of the most valuable products in the chemical industry. More than 50% of PVC is used in the construction sector in the world.
PVC can be installed cheaply and easily as building material. In recent years, PVC is substituted for traditional building materials of concrete, wood and kiln in many applications. Despite being the ideal building material, there are concerns about PVC for environmental and human health. Door and window profiles, vinyl facade covering, piping and plumbing materials, electrical wirings and hobby materials are common usage areas of PVC. With the reason of being flexible and cheap, material is widely used for pipelines in water and wastewater industry. It has been using in the health sector for 50 years. It is used in blood bag and blood products of parenteral liquids and in stoma products in catheter cannulas and drains in transfusion sets and many other places.

In suspension and emulsion types; door, window profiles, paneling, pipes and fittings, garden hose, shoe sole, cable, film, tarpaulin, artificial leather, gloves, floor covering, floor and wall covering, toy doll, ball and artificial furuits etc. at desired K values for production