High Density Polyethylene

High Density Polyethylene | Asel Petrochemical

High density polyethylene is the type of polyethylene which is preferred for the importance of application in chemical and climatic conditions. It can be used in tank construction and wastewater treatment applications due to supplying in wide range sizes and weldability properties

High density polyethylenes are produced by polymerization of ethylene under reduced pressure. The electrical resistance is a high, hydrophobic polymer. In film stage, it has gas permeability. Unresistance to Nitric acid. It is insoluble in most of the solvents below 60oC. It is resistant to water and aqueous solutions of inorganic salts

Usage Areas; Pipe manufacturing; It is used in water distribution, sewerage, irrigation distribution networks, food packaging and sugar packaging, in the production of various toys and kitchenware, in heavy duty bags, ribbon, yarn and rope making, as insulation material, by injection molding; industrial use, bottles case, vegetable and fruit transport, tool box, loading box; blow molding ; detergents, shampoos and cosmetic bottles, kerosen, chemicals, auto oils and fluids. It is also widely used because of HDPE hardness and it is resistant to organic solvents. With this, absorption rate of oil gel in the cables is lower.