Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Linear Low Density Polyethylene | Asel Petrochemical

Traditionally, there are two types of polyethylene, low and high density. In the polyethylene industry, linear low density PE, another low density PE type, is produced based on improvements in low pressure processes. The resin obtained is ethylene-alpha olefin copolymers and has a linear structure. Recently, LLDPE is manufactured by using low pressure autoclave and tubular reactors. LLDPE's characteristics are significantly different from LDPE. The tensile strength and elongation are higher than the LDPE and the impact strength is better. The heat resistance is higher at 15 ° C, and processing is more difficult. In contrast, clarity and gloss is worse and melting power is lower. Different molecular structure LLDPE types are processed by different methods depending on the structure of different catalysts.

  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene has higher tensile strength, impact strength and puncture resistance than Low Density Polyethylene
  • Very elastic and elastic under pressure
  • Used to make thinner films
  • Resistant to chemical and ultraviolet radiation rays. It has good electrical properties
  • But it is not as easy to process as Low Density Polyethylene, it has lower brightness and has a short range for heat insulation.

Usage Areas :

Film:  Industry films, geomembrane.
Injection:  Covers, toys, kitchenware